Research & Development

Since ever Marichal Ketin has been a very active player in the field of R&D and innovation.  A strong collaboration with some local actors such as CRM group, the University of Liège and Mons, Sirris has helped MK to develop the most advanced roll grades used worldwide in the steel industry and more particularly in the field of hot rolling.  The R&D activities are not limited to the development of new roll materials, but also the understanding of major issues linked to the usage of our products, to their degradation mechanism as well as the rolling environment.  The development of new manufacturing technologies is also a key point for future developments.

These activities have widely contributed to the worldwide reputation of the company.

At only a short ride from its major production facilities, MK has access through its R&D partners to the most advanced testing and simulation tools for roll materials such as a 3 disks rolling simulator, X-ray diffraction, lab casting furnaces, phase analysis software and so on…

MK is spending about 3% of its yearly turnover for R&D activities in order to stay among the major players for advanced roll grades.  About 2/3 of MK ‘s production is nowadays dedicated to high tech grades.  Besides pure R&D activities, MK offers a worldwide assistance to its customers through specific roll training, technical seminars and on site examinations.